Part 3 of this process: My time at Fancy Hands

Hey everyone! Hopefully you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving- I know I did! I “put my foot in it” so to speak- I roasted my own turkey, and did the sides…..My hubby raved over it, and our 2 year old son enjoyed as well. As far my month old daughter, well she dined on my fabulous breast milk so she was good!

Now that the holiday is somewhat over ( let’s face it- Black Friday is an extension of Turkey Day), I can use this time to talk about my stint with Fancy Hands. For those who are unaware of this company/startup, Fancy Hands specializes in providing virtual assistants to various clientele on a task-oriented basis. The customer can purchase one of 3 packages to meet his/her personal/professional needs, beginning at $30 for 5 requests and up to $150 for 50. Pretty cheap, right? Just stay with me.

First of all, applying to Fancy Hands was NOT a difficult task. I mean, the company doesn’t even document SS numbers ( which I imagine will bite the company in the collective behind in the near future). The application process consisted on a brief ( and I do mean BRIEF) grammar test, a recording of your vocal quality, and a reply to a sample question involving Google research on the location of the Declaration of Independence for public viewing. I was accepted for work within a few days of applying. Prior to applying, I had already read the reviews of the company, which were mixed at best. But I said “Hey. Better than nothing!”

In all, I learned some things while working with them. One, I learned more about time management and this program called Google Drive ( the easiest program out there!). I also learned something else: I could make more money providing services elsewhere! Remember the pricing I described earlier? Well, that translated to the pricing of tasks beginning at $2.75. Yes, TWO DOLLARS AND SEVENTY FIVE CENTS. The pricing of tasks is based on the logic that most tasks will take oh, about 15 minutes. Not true. Most took at least an hour. Add into typical client response time ( delayed due to mentor’s response as well), you could look at working on a task for two days. (In case you’re wondering about “The Mentors”, they were assistants promoted to review the other assistants’ work for 10 cents extra, lol). Eventually I became wiser and started seeking out the tasks worth a pay increase. For example, I selected a task that required extensive research involving healthcare data. I carefully explained the reasons for a price increase to the manager ( yes, there is a manager), and the payout was increased from $3.65 to $11. Not bad.

Unfortunately, there was another dark side to FH: the forums. A virtual watercooler of sorts, the forum was a place in which assistants could ask questions, vent about policies, and mentors could throw shade. Yes, this took place on a DAILY basis. It became so bad even the manager had to step in.

In all, it was a fairly easy way to earn a little cash while introducing yourself to the world of virtual assisting. But once you’ve mastered that, move on as quickly as possible. Read the reviews of Fancy Hands here:,22.htm

Catch you later- make it a great day!