About ME!

I’m Kelli. I’m a wife/mom/sister/daughter/friend/careerwoman (whew, that was a mouthful!). This blog originated thru my Facebook status updates concerning the “mundane” (but often hilarious) aspects of married life. After receiving positive responses from friends ( and encouragement from my loving hubby), I thought” “Hmmm…maybe blogging about this could be pretty cool.”  I had been using the hashtag #talesofadomesticwife for quite some time, and  it was tongue-in-cheek. Being “domestic” implies nurturing, caring about the home.  Which is a lot, especially if you work OUTSIDE the home. To be frank, one can be a wife and NOT be domestic -but that’s another story (Hello?! I mean, why do we have Merry Maids?). And so- here I am, celebrating being a wife (and my other “titles”) by talking about recipes, budgeting, careers, and the occasional celebrity item.


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