From minicars to minivans and online book clubs

Daily, it is becoming apparent that I am middle-aged (35, to be exact) by my thoughts. What was hot in my 20s is pointless in my 30s. Case in point: 10 years ago, I LOVED small cars like the Kia Soul and that other one, the Scion (don’t judge. I was 25, single, and childless). For some reason, cars shaped like boxes struck me as hip and cool. Nowadays, box-shaped vehicles don’t really mesh well with my lifestyle. Lately, I have been desiring the vehicle that smacks of middleagedom: the minivan.

I LOVE the space that it offers ( especially the fact that I can place my kids in it without them touching each other and fighting over snacks!). I’ve gotten a lot of suggestions, but my mind keeps going to that Kia brand- the Sorrento, to be exact. Good price tag, 10 year warranty- just what this mama and her family need!

Speaking of mama needs, being a SAHM by day and WAHM by night means that carving out that “me time” is of the utmost importance. Funny- in my 20s “me time” was easy to find and indulge in. But in these times, I fight for those precious minutes. No one wants a sleep-deprived, emotional wreck around them, right? So, I create “me time” moments. Enjoying a glass of chilled white wine from ALDI with the hubby on a Saturday night once the kids drift off to sleep is fabulous. Performing a Jamberry mani and pedi at night while listening to an audiobook is next on my list. In fact, reading has now returned to my fave list of things to do. I vividly remember that at one point, it was difficult to even have the time to read one paragraph, much less the whole book. Currently I am part of the Proverbs 31 Online Bible Study, and for the remainder of this month and next, I will be reading “I Am Loved”, a devotional by Wendy Blight, along with the Bible. Proverbs 31 has really kept me afloat spiritually and filled a need for community, especially among women. I highly recommend it for women who lack an active women’s ministry or a church home altogether.

Online book clubs tend to work well for me. I joined Mocha Girls Read via Goodreads, but I am tempted to create a short-term virtual meet-up on my own. At this point, I am weighting two choices: should I keep it light-hearted, or tackle more serious matter? We shall see.

So, I want to know: what are your thoughts on minivans? Uncool or crucial to your household? Also, are virtual bible study groups (or online book clubs) the best thing since sliced bread, or detrimental to socialization? Share your thoughts!

Til next time!


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