Is Drunk Jelly worth all the hype?!

Liking all things wine is an admittedly acquired taste. It’s not for everyone. But it works out fine for a self-proclaimed foodie such as myself! A few months ago I discovered Drunk Jelly– basically, jelly made from wine. As we all know, once alcohol meets heat, the booze essentially evaporates, leaving behind that unmistakable taste. Once I read up on this promising new confection, I knew that I had to have it! So I ordered a small jar of the ros`e jelly from its website, and waited patiently for that translucent goodness.

After a few weeks, that small package arrived, and it did not disappoint! I slathered that stuff on toast (see above) , biscuits and yes, even with peanut butter on whole wheat bread. The taste is sweet, with strong flavors of cherry and watermelon, with a tart accent. Think of it as grape jelly’s younger hipster cousin. Keep in mind, it’s not something you want to eat everyday. I purchased my small jar in late summer, and I still have a substantial amount leftover. Like fine wine, it’s best consumed in small amounts……..

‘Til next time!


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