Jamberry, alcohol free booze, and cozy leggings: my faves for Fall 2017

A source of cheap joy as a mother.

Working motherhood has its highs and lows. I mean, the pendulum swings and you just have to be ready for it. One minute I am working outside the home after a 4 year hiatus from the office! The next, I am back to setting up shop at home. So, here I am: quasi-homeschool mom by day, soon-to-be-work-at-home-mom-once-again by night, blogger in-between. I have embraced who I really am – a coffee-swilling, athleisure-clad woman who is in a mommy group and lives for Mom Night Out. I wear it well. And here we are – it’s November 2017. Fall is a great time of year. Temps are starting to drop, layers of clothing are applied, and it is BOOT season!! (I would mention football season, but considering my stance and the way the Cowboys are playing…..UM NO). So, without further ado, My faves for FALL!!!

1.) Leggings from Five Below: Leggings and their adorable cousin, yoga pants, are mainstays in my wardrobe. Printed or plain, I love ’em all! However, I have my limits, in terms of pricing. My main rule: don’t pay over $15.84 (the Wal-Mart price) for those jokers. I mean, really. Leggings are leggings. Thin material, some degree of reinforcement in the crotch area – they are all the same. So, paying $25 a pop is quite foolish to me. So, imagine my joy when I discovered leggings $5 a PAIR at Five Below. Yes – FIVE FREAKIN’ DOLLARS. And they just released faux cashmere jogger pants– like leggings, but cozier. My overjoyed self scooped up two of those bad boys while shopping for educational workbooks for my kids.

2.) Skinnies by Jamberry- Sigh, me and Jamberry- we have had an interesting relationship so far! As you can recall, my first attempt at wearing the nail wraps was an epic FAIL. However, their customer service was excellent and my rep Valencia was a sweetheart. My thoughts towards the company changed for the better, and the game changer was that Trushine Gel. That stuff made my mani last a solid 3 weeks.

Then the company rolled out Skinnies– no heat, no drying time. 10 minute application time.
I was sold! So sold, that I joined as a kitnapper for $25 this month. Don’t judge – Valencia and her team are a fun bunch, and I get my stuff discounted.

3.) Fre Wine by Sutter Home: Upon weaning my last child (due to antibiotic use because of a cold), I was happy! No lie – I am now free to ingest what food or beverage that tickles my fancy. However, I should add “almost”. I am not a heavy drinker to due to my religious beliefs, but honestly, I like the taste of champagne. Wine too. So, after the kids are asleep I enjoy a glass of Fre Wine with my hubby. It’s alcohol-removed, so I get the boozy taste minus the hangover – or self-imposed guilt.

( In midst of kids cereal and hot dog buns, no less. )

SO…….what are your faves during this time of year? Leave your comments below!


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