Has anything really changed?

While sipping on my homemade latte in a fluffy robe, I was catching on highlights (aka “News Feed”) on Facebook. An article entitled “My Career Left No Room For Motherhood. Now I Advocate For Working Moms” caught my sparkling brown eye. In the article, the writer/blogger WomanInWashington detailed her experience in trying to raise children and maintain an equally demanding career, while her husband was able to maintain (and ultimately retain) his job and be perceived as a fully competent businessman/father. While I could empathize with WomanInWashington on some points (at the time when I gave birth to my firstborn, job flexibility was a joke and the income would not support the astronomical price of quality child care), the reality is that women are still largely seen as the primary caregiver. Married, divorced, widowed, whatever- if you birthed (or adopted) children and you’re a woman- you are now seen as the person solely responsible for the child rearing. It is the way society has set it up. Not just American society- the world at large view women in the same light. Does it suck? Yes. Is it erroneous? Absolutely. I look at it as remnants of a patriarchical ( and WASP-y) societal mindset that is slowly dissolving in the face of advancing technology and economy as a whole.

Don’t misunderstand me- being a mother is beyond awesome. But being a mother and having a career should not be mutually opposed views. The thing is, it’s darn near 2016 and we’re STILL debating the value of working moms????

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