a crappy – or ingenious- way to shop (depends on how you see it)

A little-known side effect of breast feeding is weight loss.It’s true- you burn like up to 500 calories, just by nursing! For me, it’s been great….which means that I now have a very good reason to go shopping ( as if I needed one before)! Because I also have a thrifty/entrepreneurial mindset ( i.e. how can I make this work for me), I am always looking for opportunities to maximize my shopping potential. In other words, can I earn a little something by wearing/promoting X-Y-Z? Mind you, it’s not a greedy mindset. I’ve always been this way. Instead of going along with the crowd in conspicious comsumption, I’m thinking to myself: “That’s really popular…..I wonder if I should invest in buying stock in it?” or ” Can I be a brand ambassador and get this stuff for either free or deeply discounted?”

But I digress. So I am in need of some crucial pieces that fit my new physique. What to do??? Of course, my mind went to a certain direct sales company ( NOT Avon). I like the minimalist design of the clothes, and it’s very flattering to any body type. Plus, I’ve already met with a rep based in Austin, and had a chance to actually to see and touch the clothing. Yes, the quality is very good. Opportunity is pretty decent as well. Sooooo…… don’t be surprised if I am pitching something in the next 2 months or so. All while looking great! Talk to you later……..

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