Perfection in simplicity

I am always astounded by the fact the God uses simple things in our lives to bring on powerful change. Last night (to kick off Sabbath), my hubby and I watched a movie about David and Goliath. No, really, we did. Normally, I view these movies as high on fluff and low on scriptual accuracy- but a good motivator to read the Bible for oneself. Anyway,the poor quality of the actors and script lead me to read 1 Samuel 17 so I could read the REAL story on what really happened. The story of David and Goliath is quite amazing. Instead of using a trained soldier to bring about Goliath’s demise, God used David (a shepherd boy more acquainted with nature than battlefields) to accomplish His goal. God gave power to the five smooth stones in the hands of David to kill the giant that negatively overshadowed everything.

You know, God still works like that today, in our lives. Oftentimes, we think that the best options are the most detailed or complicated. But God still calls us – and me – to be still and listen to His guidance on the next best step. God gives us what we need and qualifies us in the process to handle what life throws in our direction. Pretty powerful, huh?

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