Finally getting around to part 2……

Sorry I wasn’t able to post anything yesterday! I dedicated all of my awake hours to the kiddos, and when they napped, I napped as well. I mean, if I didn’t get any rest I would be a zombie. A crazy, coffee-deprived zombie. And who wants to be around that???

Anyway, picking up where I left off………working from home was not an easy thing to obtain. To be honest, when folks ( especially some employers) hear “working from home”, they think, “Oh, what a slacker.” Despite the technology, there will also be some who are slow to adapt to the idea of working remotely. Also, it doesn’t help that the majority of jobs out there that claim to offer easy job tasks from home are actually scams. I initially tried to find some remote work via a local firm called Working Solutions. That went no where! it was quite discouraging. So, for a year I didn’t work and didn’t try either. I mean, my main job was raising my then-infant son.

This continued until January 2015. At that point, I prayed and asked God to lead me on this search. I didn’t mind working and found that being employed not only contributed to the overall family finances, but an outlet for me as well. I got serious, read all of the job tips dedicated to remote workers, and diligently searched the Internet for options. I joined some community forums for work at home moms to gain some perspective. I found some possibilities along the way, and some clunkers as well (as expected).

Then, in May 2015, I discovered the world of virtual assisting. I read about a company called Fancy Hands via a mommy blog and decided to apply. That’s when things got interesting……..but ultimately in a good way (to be continued)………..

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