Perfection in simplicity

I am always astounded by the fact the God uses simple things in our lives to bring on powerful change. Last night (to kick off Sabbath), my hubby and I watched a movie about David and Goliath. No, really, we did. Normally, I view these movies as high on fluff and low on scriptual accuracy- but a good motivator to read the Bible for oneself. Anyway,the poor quality of the actors and script lead me to read 1 Samuel 17 so I could read the REAL story on what really happened. The story of David and Goliath is quite amazing. Instead of using a trained soldier to bring about Goliath’s demise, God used David (a shepherd boy more acquainted with nature than battlefields) to accomplish His goal. God gave power to the five smooth stones in the hands of David to kill the giant that negatively overshadowed everything.

You know, God still works like that today, in our lives. Oftentimes, we think that the best options are the most detailed or complicated. But God still calls us – and me – to be still and listen to His guidance on the next best step. God gives us what we need and qualifies us in the process to handle what life throws in our direction. Pretty powerful, huh?


Part 3 of this process: My time at Fancy Hands

Hey everyone! Hopefully you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving- I know I did! I “put my foot in it” so to speak- I roasted my own turkey, and did the sides…..My hubby raved over it, and our 2 year old son enjoyed as well. As far my month old daughter, well she dined on my fabulous breast milk so she was good!

Now that the holiday is somewhat over ( let’s face it- Black Friday is an extension of Turkey Day), I can use this time to talk about my stint with Fancy Hands. For those who are unaware of this company/startup, Fancy Hands specializes in providing virtual assistants to various clientele on a task-oriented basis. The customer can purchase one of 3 packages to meet his/her personal/professional needs, beginning at $30 for 5 requests and up to $150 for 50. Pretty cheap, right? Just stay with me.

First of all, applying to Fancy Hands was NOT a difficult task. I mean, the company doesn’t even document SS numbers ( which I imagine will bite the company in the collective behind in the near future). The application process consisted on a brief ( and I do mean BRIEF) grammar test, a recording of your vocal quality, and a reply to a sample question involving Google research on the location of the Declaration of Independence for public viewing. I was accepted for work within a few days of applying. Prior to applying, I had already read the reviews of the company, which were mixed at best. But I said “Hey. Better than nothing!”

In all, I learned some things while working with them. One, I learned more about time management and this program called Google Drive ( the easiest program out there!). I also learned something else: I could make more money providing services elsewhere! Remember the pricing I described earlier? Well, that translated to the pricing of tasks beginning at $2.75. Yes, TWO DOLLARS AND SEVENTY FIVE CENTS. The pricing of tasks is based on the logic that most tasks will take oh, about 15 minutes. Not true. Most took at least an hour. Add into typical client response time ( delayed due to mentor’s response as well), you could look at working on a task for two days. (In case you’re wondering about “The Mentors”, they were assistants promoted to review the other assistants’ work for 10 cents extra, lol). Eventually I became wiser and started seeking out the tasks worth a pay increase. For example, I selected a task that required extensive research involving healthcare data. I carefully explained the reasons for a price increase to the manager ( yes, there is a manager), and the payout was increased from $3.65 to $11. Not bad.

Unfortunately, there was another dark side to FH: the forums. A virtual watercooler of sorts, the forum was a place in which assistants could ask questions, vent about policies, and mentors could throw shade. Yes, this took place on a DAILY basis. It became so bad even the manager had to step in.

In all, it was a fairly easy way to earn a little cash while introducing yourself to the world of virtual assisting. But once you’ve mastered that, move on as quickly as possible. Read the reviews of Fancy Hands here:,22.htm

Catch you later- make it a great day!

Finally getting around to part 2……

Sorry I wasn’t able to post anything yesterday! I dedicated all of my awake hours to the kiddos, and when they napped, I napped as well. I mean, if I didn’t get any rest I would be a zombie. A crazy, coffee-deprived zombie. And who wants to be around that???

Anyway, picking up where I left off………working from home was not an easy thing to obtain. To be honest, when folks ( especially some employers) hear “working from home”, they think, “Oh, what a slacker.” Despite the technology, there will also be some who are slow to adapt to the idea of working remotely. Also, it doesn’t help that the majority of jobs out there that claim to offer easy job tasks from home are actually scams. I initially tried to find some remote work via a local firm called Working Solutions. That went no where! it was quite discouraging. So, for a year I didn’t work and didn’t try either. I mean, my main job was raising my then-infant son.

This continued until January 2015. At that point, I prayed and asked God to lead me on this search. I didn’t mind working and found that being employed not only contributed to the overall family finances, but an outlet for me as well. I got serious, read all of the job tips dedicated to remote workers, and diligently searched the Internet for options. I joined some community forums for work at home moms to gain some perspective. I found some possibilities along the way, and some clunkers as well (as expected).

Then, in May 2015, I discovered the world of virtual assisting. I read about a company called Fancy Hands via a mommy blog and decided to apply. That’s when things got interesting……..but ultimately in a good way (to be continued)………..

From there to here, aka from being a stay at home mom to work from home mom

Looking back over the past two years, making the shift from being a stay at home mom to a work from home mom has not been easy, to say the least. When I made the initial choice in the summer of 2013 to quit my job in order to stay home with my newborn son, I totally underestimated the impact it would have financially, emotionally, and spiritually. Looking back on it, it was only by the grace of God that I didn’t go bonkers. I was a new mom who recently moved to a new residence (more about that later). I was leaving behind colleagues that I knew for the past 13 years. It was a lot to take in.

Instead of taking a moment to fully allowing myself to acknowledge what was feeling, I made the somewhat foolish decision to jump back into school ( which didn’t work out, not surprisingly). I also made my first attempt into working from home as a Avon representative, which was a learning experience. First of all, I was attempting to build a new customer base while staying indoors ( an oxymoron, I know). I discovered that it is quite difficult to sell to others without an aggressive marketing plan. Simply placing brochures at Starbucks and my fave dry cleaners wasn’t going to cut it! Convincing others to shop online proved to be challenging ( especially with the older church ladies). And how could I forget that I nearly got scammed…..yeah it was rough and I managed to bow out with some grace.

Despite the lows, I learned greatly from the experience. Plus, it only made me more determined than ever to master this whole thing of “working from home”. To be continued………

A long time coming…….

Hey everyone! As you can see, I’m back, honey! Stronger and better than ever! I am now a stay at home mom of two who happens to work from home ( got that??).  It has been an awesome journey, and far too much to share in one post. I will say this much: becoming a parent  has made me a much better person. More focused, patient , and less likely to tolerate ish. Or maybe because I’m now in my thirties that I am feeling this way……I don’t know. But I’m in a great place, mentally and spiritually.

More about working from home: I’m doing two things professionally: customer service for a major online retailer and freelance virtual assisting work. Pretty cool, huh? My major tools are my headset and laptop, and my office is my walk in bedroom closet ( no closet jokes, please!) And I’m about to add something else to my portfolio ( hint: it involves blogging and something else 🙂 ) Needless to say, I’m impressing my hubby and family, even myself.

At this point, I gotta go and tend to some work……but I am back and here to stay. Can’t wait to talk to you all again……later.