tech junkie ( sort of)

Ok, I will admit it: I am a borderline tech junkie. Meaning, I love cell phones, computers, even the Keurig- any technological device created to make life easier, I must have it (or at best, try it out)! Recently I parted ways with my beloved Blackberry to upgrade to an Android. Not a fancy schmancy one- just one that costs 69 bucks and still runs on 3G ( and operates faster than my old BB). However, I do admit that I’m intrigued by the iPhone. I can’t explain the appeal. I mean, Androids in general are faster and substantially cheaper. But let’s face it- Apple has done a marvelous job in marketing their products to near cult status. It’s practically a status symbol ( not to mention that most stores carry smartphone cases big enough to fit the iPhone only- boo).

As you all know, Apple recently brought out two new iPhones to the masses, including one that only $99 ( with a two year contract, might I add). But as much I like the idea of owning an iPhone (or any Apple product), I just can’t bring myself to pay an obscene amount of money per month for a data plan, not to mention insurance for such a thief magnet. I know I’m better off with a Droid. Perhaps I should take all that desire and money, invest in Apple stock, and let the real fun begin.

Meanwhile, enjoy the sexiness of these Apple promo (hahaha):