a new chapter for this domestic wife

Well! It’s official- I’m a mommy to a beautiful, bouncing baby boy! Two months in, and I’m loving my mommy role more and more. So, am I a bona-fide “mommy blogger”??? YEP! So, I realize that I need to post some new content….no need to fear! I’m starting a series about women and their chosen side hustles. Yes, I’m actually going to do it now (if you can recall, last year I mentioned it). I’ve already recruited one, others are on the way!
Motherhood has given CRAZY ambition and a sense of centerness that I never had before. So much so, that I’m now a full time stay-at-home mom (what?!). Yeah. I’m not letting my son being watched by just anyone!! But because I just can’t stay still (and I still possess that “independent woman” streak), I’m promoting my Avon business (www.youravon.com/kphillips7828). AND I’m refining my professional skills by enrolling in Career Step, a vocational program based in Utah (www.careerstep.com).
Despite all that, motherhood has caused me to appreciate my faith in God and my church community. I look forward to attending church with my hubby and son. I appreciate prepping meals for the Sabbath. I’m so blessed and thankful for all in my life-the good, the bad, and the in-between. I look at as God’s refining time!
So, I will keep you all posted on new content! Be blessed!


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