the choice is yours….no really it is

Lately there has been quite the buzz on breastfeeding. Just to be clear -breastfeeding is not a new phenomenon. It’s been around since the dawn of man . It’s easier (or at least for me ) , cheaper and, well, natural. Nowadays, a kind of war has broken out between the militant “boob -only ” group of moms and the “gimme- the- similac” mothers . I’ve  a fellow bloggers account of her choice to formula feed her two daughters, much to the distaste of other moms. I’ve also heard the account of my former co-worker, who actively fought against the breast feeding diatribe spewed forth from well -meaning nurses at the hospital . My take : what’s the big deal about a mother choosing to feed her children with formula? The majority of moms ranging from ages 21 to 34 were born to Baby Boomer moms . Given the cultural shift in norms when this group of women came of age, i would suspect that many of them weren’t necessarily interested in staying home and having the babe suckle at the breast. For example, my own mom did not breast feed and doesn’t regret it. Am I lacking? Absolutely not!

I know some readers are reading and thinking “Well, it’s obvious that she doesn’t breast feed.” But they’re wrong: I do nurse. I have grown to love the intimate way I’m providing nourishment to my growing baby boy. It is amazing, and I tell that to anyone who will listen. However, I do control my zeal. I understand that you just can’t mentally beat a poor mom into breast feeding submission. So, I’m done. Off my soap box- for now!


five minutes of beauty: Mary Kay Facial Cleansing Cloths

Call off the search- I’ve found THE perfect face wipe. Face wipes are perfect for new moms (such as myself 🙂 ), on-the-go career women, busy students, etc. For those following this blog for some time, I’ve given glowing reviews of Pond’s face wipes and Olay’s Regenerist face cloths. But this recent discovery of Mary Kay Facial Clothing Cloths has changed EVERYTHING!

For starters, the cloth is thicker than Ponds and Olay, and wider to ensure that you can wipe every area of your face to remove daily gunk. Add water, and the cloth produce luxurious lather. In one minute, you can wipe off all makeup, dirt, and oil. Rinse the remaining residue, apply your fave moisturizer and you’re done!!I tried it out tonight, and I LOVE it!!

I’ll admit- $15 is a bit pricey for a pack of 30. But all you’ll need is 1 cloth a day-honestly. To purchase, just log on to to find a rep near you.

a new chapter for this domestic wife

Well! It’s official- I’m a mommy to a beautiful, bouncing baby boy! Two months in, and I’m loving my mommy role more and more. So, am I a bona-fide “mommy blogger”??? YEP! So, I realize that I need to post some new content….no need to fear! I’m starting a series about women and their chosen side hustles. Yes, I’m actually going to do it now (if you can recall, last year I mentioned it). I’ve already recruited one, others are on the way!
Motherhood has given CRAZY ambition and a sense of centerness that I never had before. So much so, that I’m now a full time stay-at-home mom (what?!). Yeah. I’m not letting my son being watched by just anyone!! But because I just can’t stay still (and I still possess that “independent woman” streak), I’m promoting my Avon business ( AND I’m refining my professional skills by enrolling in Career Step, a vocational program based in Utah (
Despite all that, motherhood has caused me to appreciate my faith in God and my church community. I look forward to attending church with my hubby and son. I appreciate prepping meals for the Sabbath. I’m so blessed and thankful for all in my life-the good, the bad, and the in-between. I look at as God’s refining time!
So, I will keep you all posted on new content! Be blessed!