being domestic, pregnant, and craving an ice cream maker

As I sit here typing, I await for the “any day now” arrival of my precious baby boy (which accounts for the lack of blog updates for the past nine months). But I will say this -I’m really enjoying this thing called “maternity leave”! Yep, I think I’m growing even more fully into being a “domestic wife”. So, no wonder that I’ve found even more ways to indulge in all things domestic…….Recently, flipping thru an Aldi summer catalog I discovered THE kitchen item perfect for the typical Texas summer: an ice cream maker! For only $14.99!  (Can you sense the joy as I type this!) I immediately began drooling over countless flavors that can be possibly concocted: strawberry pineapple, appletini, margarita (the latter two inspired by the fact that Aldi will also have the Crystal Light Mocktail line on sale this week). Yes, being domestic is bliss….at least at this moment! Check out the product at:

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