The Pre-teen Years: An Introit to Being Young and Sexy?!

Initially, I wasn’t going to address this issue, but lately it’s been growing to the point to where it cannot be overlooked. I’m talking about sexy undies (allegedly) marketed to the preteen (or fondly called ‘tween) demographic group. This creepy attempt at early sexualization is truly the end result of our society’s obsession with sex. In my opinion, lack of healthy dialogue about sexuality breeds dysfunction. Hence, we now see lines/stores like PINK by Victoria’s Secret and Blackheart promoting colorful (and sexually alluring) undies and questionable accessories ( anyone wants “Forty Shades of Gray” earrings?!). But here’s the thing: who’s REALLY at fault here? Is it the marketing team for the lingerie line? Should the vitriol be reserved for the parents ( or more specifically, the mothers who long for the days of wearing anything small again)? Should the girls be held accountable?! Time will tell….(P.S. I personally like both lines, but then again I’m 31 with a hubby who appreciates as much as I do…)