Ok once again folks- Barbie is NOT real

For the past 50 plus years, no other toy has elicited as much admiration (if not obsession), ridicule, and scorn as Barbie. For some, apparently Barbie is the epitome of having it all- despite the fact that she is made of plastic. She’s been an astronaut, doctor, pop star, ballet dancer- you name it she’s done it ( with the exception of porn).
But let’s not forget- Barbie is a figment of an exec’s imagination. So, imagine my dismay upon seeing the headline “Barbie Is Selling Her Malibu Dreamhouse for $25 Million” (www.modernmom.com/hottopic/2013/feb/8/barbie-is-selling-her-malibu-dreamhouse-for-25-million). Obviously, Barbie is ready to move so she posted her crib on the real estate web site Trulia( insert massive eye rolling). THEN she does a video interview. At that point I just stopped reading.
Since when did we -the American public- feel the need to make Barbie a flesh-and-blood character??? Barbie is a doll, not a symbol of beauty, nor represents individuality or independence. Barbie is lifeless. Barbie is nothing. Let’s get a grip here!
(P.S. To see Barbie’s “video interview”, just go to http://www.barbiemedia.com/videos/detail/740.html)