Team Marriage

Before I start- I know it has been a minute since I posted ANYTHING on my blog! I find that it’s quicker to convey my thoughts via FB. But, encouraged by my ever supportive husband, here I am, writing to you. Spurred by a R&B song I heard while commuting to work, I started thinking about love and marriage, and came up with this…… Marriage is a wonderful institution in which no one fully understands UNTIL they get hitched. In the nearly 3 years since my hubby and I tied the knot, I have learned so much about what it means to cooperate, to communicate, to just plain, flat-out “hang in there”. I used to hear older women tell me all the time: “Marriage is more than just hopping in and out of bed with that man”. And ya know what? They were SO right. It is much more than sex, passion, and romance. It’s a devotion to making a relationship between two people with two different personalities work. In the media, rarely any one discusses the beauty in the often-perceived-as mundane aspects of marriage (paying bills, deciding on which restaurant to dine at, etc). I feel that the major challenge to marriage is the lack of ability to embrace the highs and lows while maintaining a relationship. That’s where communication comes in. It may lead to an argument; at best, a clarification on expectations. At the end of the day, you make a choice: move forward in love or stay stagnant in unwillingness to work together. I choose to persevere-how about you?