enough with the idea of “mommy porn”

Alright. I’m SO over the “50 Shades of Gray” hype. It seems like every few years, a book geared toward females comes out, creating a controversial buzz and like sounding trend phrases. In this case, “mommy porn” is the new term that’s thrown around…..As if women weren’t getting their fix with Harlequin romance novel for the past 50 or so years?! But I think the thing that is annoying about this whole “mommy porn”/50 Shades of Gray madness is how there are so many articles are written on how to have passionate moments with your man inspired by the erotic novel. ( Take a look at this as an example: http://www.redbookmag.com/cm/redbook/images/FR/rbk-01-fifty-shades-grey-lgn.jpg) Really?! I say the mommies out there should rely less on a book advocating dysfunctional romantic relationships and more on imagination and communication with your partner.