Good to be back….now it’s time to talk about saving money !

WOW. It does not seem like I have been away from my blog for over 3 months now! Really, I somewhat lost interest for a while because it seem I truly had nothing to talk about. Yes, it is called “tales from a domestic wife”, but I am not trying to reveal ALL of the inner workings of marriage, being a step-parent,  etc. I mean, it’s something one must experience to fully understand and appreciate. BUT- I realized that tips on saving money is something that NEVER gets old, especially in this economy.

So….my “newest” discovery: shopping resale. Yes, RESALE. Meaning buying “gently worn” items, commonly known as USED. Previously I too was skeptical of this method of shopping for “new” items (ha ha) but true to my nature, I did my research. I read other bloggers who do the SAME thing ( do read for inspiration-anybody who can score Alice + Olivia pants and Nicole Miller shoes for under $30 COMBINED is a hero in my book). And yes, it does matter in terms of which demographic section of your city you choose to shop. It is an evolving task for me, so as I learn more I will share more. In the meanwhile, enlighten yourself with this article:

Til next time……