Using your goodies as a bargaining tool :The face of the “new” feminism?!

I know, it has been a while since my last posting! Between work, church-related obligations, family duties, and other things I have been crazy busy! But not THAT busy to miss out on my favorite train-wreck “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”! ( Do NOT even attempt to judge; I know you watch it or the other shows in “The Real Housewives” franchise too!). The lack of class among the nouveau riche always amuses me.

However, I can’t help but notice  a disturbing trend popping up with some of these women. More than one of ’em has questionable “wealth”. In other words, lifestyles of  the women in question has been funded by wealthy  MARRIED men who , in exchange for sex and eye candy, are willing to cater to their side chicks’ whims.  What’s even more saddening is that these women don’t even try to hide this shameful behavior. And the young girls who sit along aside their moms, aunts, and older sisters while viewing the show can’t tell the difference either.

So, has the idea of women creating REAL wealth with intelligence and self respect been replaced with shallowness, designer labels, and desperation? For the sake of the little girls in my life, I would pray not. I initially thought about posting a recap of Sunday’s episode of RHOA to prove my point, but I refuse to promote foolishness, especially when it involves black women on vacation in the Motherland. Post your thoughts.




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