Looking good on a budget: Marshalls’

Hello everyone! Keeping in line with all things domestic and frugal, I will now discuss another fave store of mine: Marshalls’ ! I absolutely LOVE this store because it allows me to find designer finds ( Michael Kors, anyone?), luxurious home furnishings, and gourmet food finds ( which make for great holiday gifts). In fact, because you can find great items for the low-low, it’s probably wise to set a budget for your shopping budget ( if you know what I mean).  However, the only gripe ( and not even a major one) I have against Marshalls’ is their layaway policy: typically they do not allow you to hold many items in layaway. That may not be such a bad thing, because again, you can find some items , such as Illy coffee,  for as low as 9.99.  With Illy coffee costing anywhere from $12.75 to $14.99 and up elsewhere, that is a steal (see for yourself: http://food-drink.twenga.com/illy-coffee.html).

Find your closest Marshalls’ by logging on to http://www.marshallsonline.com!

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