…And you couldn’t find a better way to relax?!

Life as a married woman is joyful yet it is not easy. Add into the mix kids ( whether by birth , adoption, or marriage), career demands, and mere expectations placed upon you by others, and things can get a bit crazy. So, finding ways to relax is truly crucial for survival. Yet, depending on what you’re using to get you thru the day, you may be asking for trouble. Take , for example, this whole craze of calling wine “mommy juice”. I mean, really- is it really healthy to think of alcohol as harmless as Juicy Juice? For some, could using the argument ” I need (fill in the blank) to relax” is actually the beginning stage of addiction?

Read and post your thoughts:


2 thoughts on “…And you couldn’t find a better way to relax?!

  1. JW Richard says:

    It can be. It really depends. I mean, I enjoy some alcohol after work, and yes, more than one glass. But am I necessarily addicted. Not really. Now, if I were sneaking in nips of the “juice” at work, that would be a slightly different tale. 🙂

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