This product scares me: Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion 30 day Smoothing Kit

Hello! Hopefully everyone had a great holiday! I thoughly enjoyed myself- so much that I haven’t been blogging regularily. But don’t fret- with the New Year, be on the lookout for more musings for the domestic diva herself.

Now, with that stated, I must preface the following post with this: I ( like so many other women) am a product junkie. I am a sucker for clever advertising. I enjoy nice scents and intriguing textures. So it figures that my eye gravitated for an online ad for Keratin Infusions by Suave. Sweet. Immediately my mind acquainted “keratin” with effective hair smoothing, due to the abundance of Brazilian Blowout treatments out there used by woman of all races and hair textures. Minus the chemical burns of a conventional hair relaxer. Unfortunately, this technique has been marred by bad press due to the reported formaldehyde (a potential carcinogen) in the formula. Yuck.

So, seeing that Suave was now jumping on the keratin bandwagon, my interest was piqued. Keratin treatments aren’t cheap ( at least $200 every 3 months), so I have been getting my fix by using the Organix Brazilian Keratin Treatment line (shampoo, conditioner, glossing mist, anti breakage serum and flat iron spray) and my trusty flat iron ( and no, there is no formaldehyde in this stuff). Suave is known for cheap beauty items, so of course the ad appealed to my frugal senses. They almost had me at “30 day Smoothing Kit”.

Everything looked decent. Low sulfate shampoo and conditioner. Heat Protecting Leave In Conditioner. Smooth and Shine Serum. But THEN I took a good look at the Smoothing Kit. Oh, the Smoothing Kit. Tools needed: Petroleum Jelly. A wide tooth comb. A towel. A timer. Gloves. Oh no. This isn’t a smoothing kit. It’s just another flippin’ relaxer treatment.Cue the flashbacks of chemical burns, red, peeling scalp and all.

It gets worse. You keep the “smoothing” cream on your head for 15 to the max of 25 minutes, depending on “hair type”. Straight up relaxer. Neutralizer is now re-born as “cuticle seal cream”. Rinse, blow dry, and style. According to the directions, you can “touch up your style every 3 months”. All for $12.99 on drugstore. com  ( Well, dang-  I can just head over to my local beauty supply store and purchase a relaxer kit that will do the SAME thing for half the cost! But why?

So, I will continue to use Organix…I just don’t know about this stuff.

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