Looking good on a budget: Marshalls’

Hello everyone! Keeping in line with all things domestic and frugal, I will now discuss another fave store of mine: Marshalls’ ! I absolutely LOVE this store because it allows me to find designer finds ( Michael Kors, anyone?), luxurious home furnishings, and gourmet food finds ( which make for great holiday gifts). In fact, because you can find great items for the low-low, it’s probably wise to set a budget for your shopping budget ( if you know what I mean).  However, the only gripe ( and not even a major one) I have against Marshalls’ is their layaway policy: typically they do not allow you to hold many items in layaway. That may not be such a bad thing, because again, you can find some items , such as Illy coffee,  for as low as 9.99.  With Illy coffee costing anywhere from $12.75 to $14.99 and up elsewhere, that is a steal (see for yourself: http://food-drink.twenga.com/illy-coffee.html).

Find your closest Marshalls’ by logging on to http://www.marshallsonline.com!


5 minutes of beauty: Mary Kay Timewise 3-in-1 Cleansing Bar

I will confess: I am a product junkie. I can get hooked on a product simply by its description on the packaging. Add a catchy slogan and/or eye catching advertistment? Game over for me. However, I certainly have a weakness for products that can get the work done in under 10 minutes. While i love using Pond’s Evening Sweep Wet Towelettes, I am also a fan of Mary Kay skin care products ( did I ever mention that I was thisclose to selling the stuff in college? Uh huh-but more on that later on)! Their Timewise 3-in-1 Cleansing Bar in particular is made for busy women like myself who want to remove the makeup/grime of the day, with no difficulty whatsoever.It dissolves the gunk that is on your face, revealing fresh and soft skin.  With this product, you can lay your head on your pillow…and not worry about a myriad of colors rubbing off onto it.  Check it out at:


Fired for working TOO hard at the job?!

Who knew that lunch (or lack thereof) could be a hot button issue in terms of  remaining employed or not? I am glad this lady fought back and got what she deserved. In this economy, all I got to say is this: keep tabs on the quality of work you produced, and document ALL meetings/interactions with the higher ups. It just might come in handy one day.


Side Hustle : Direct Sales

Hello my readers! Today ( or rather tonight!) I bring to the table another topic: side hustles. Once considered a  humerous  yet insulting term, side hustles are now crucial in the face of a devastating economy. The prices of food and gas alone is astronomical.  People of all races, creeds, and economic statuses are now  holding down a “day job” all while working 1,2, or even 3 side jobs simultaneously! To that, I say: do what you need to do to support yourself and your family-just don’t kill yourself in the process!

So, with that stated, let’s talk about the path of direct sales as a side hustle. Having done direct sales myself in the past with Avon ( on 3 separate occasions), let’s establish this fact first: direct sales is NOT “easy money”. In fact, if you’re not comfortable with selling and facing potential rejection from customers, then this is not for you-at all! In order to make this work for you, it takes a strong ability to persuade others to buy products that you’re (hopefully) passionate about.

Another aspect of direct sales is operation costs. It takes money to start a business and to keep your operation running in tip top form. When I did Avon, yes the initial start fee was only $10. However, the cost of start up went up from $10 to nearly $60 because I needed to purchase brochures, samples, bags, demonstration products, etc. Not to mention, bank fees because when dealing with other folks money, it’s best to keep it separate from your personal funds! Also, don’t forget to factor other costs such as mailing, internet, phone usage, fax, office supplies, etc. 

Finally, with direct sales it takes consistency.It’s very tempting to slack off when dealing with direct sales due to the flexibile nature of the work. However, you must set aside “work” times for your side hustle- and stick with them! For some, that just might mean working on your side hustle from 10 p.m. to 12 midnight during the week, more so on the weekends!

Okay. I’m done for the evening with this post. Hopefully I have given you all for food for thought on using the direct sales route to earn some extra cash, and not scared anyone off! If you’re still interested, go to the Direct Sales Association’s website for more info on legitimate opportunities: http://www.dsa.org/. In the near future I will post specific info on companies such as Mary Kay, Primerica, Cookie Lee, and (AHEM) those businesses that promote products via “passion parties”.


…And you couldn’t find a better way to relax?!

Life as a married woman is joyful yet it is not easy. Add into the mix kids ( whether by birth , adoption, or marriage), career demands, and mere expectations placed upon you by others, and things can get a bit crazy. So, finding ways to relax is truly crucial for survival. Yet, depending on what you’re using to get you thru the day, you may be asking for trouble. Take , for example, this whole craze of calling wine “mommy juice”. I mean, really- is it really healthy to think of alcohol as harmless as Juicy Juice? For some, could using the argument ” I need (fill in the blank) to relax” is actually the beginning stage of addiction?

Read and post your thoughts:


This product scares me: Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion 30 day Smoothing Kit

Hello! Hopefully everyone had a great holiday! I thoughly enjoyed myself- so much that I haven’t been blogging regularily. But don’t fret- with the New Year, be on the lookout for more musings for the domestic diva herself.

Now, with that stated, I must preface the following post with this: I ( like so many other women) am a product junkie. I am a sucker for clever advertising. I enjoy nice scents and intriguing textures. So it figures that my eye gravitated for an online ad for Keratin Infusions by Suave. Sweet. Immediately my mind acquainted “keratin” with effective hair smoothing, due to the abundance of Brazilian Blowout treatments out there used by woman of all races and hair textures. Minus the chemical burns of a conventional hair relaxer. Unfortunately, this technique has been marred by bad press due to the reported formaldehyde (a potential carcinogen) in the formula. Yuck.

So, seeing that Suave was now jumping on the keratin bandwagon, my interest was piqued. Keratin treatments aren’t cheap ( at least $200 every 3 months), so I have been getting my fix by using the Organix Brazilian Keratin Treatment line (shampoo, conditioner, glossing mist, anti breakage serum and flat iron spray) and my trusty flat iron ( and no, there is no formaldehyde in this stuff). Suave is known for cheap beauty items, so of course the ad appealed to my frugal senses. They almost had me at “30 day Smoothing Kit”.

Everything looked decent. Low sulfate shampoo and conditioner. Heat Protecting Leave In Conditioner. Smooth and Shine Serum. But THEN I took a good look at the Smoothing Kit. Oh, the Smoothing Kit. Tools needed: Petroleum Jelly. A wide tooth comb. A towel. A timer. Gloves. Oh no. This isn’t a smoothing kit. It’s just another flippin’ relaxer treatment.Cue the flashbacks of chemical burns, red, peeling scalp and all.

It gets worse. You keep the “smoothing” cream on your head for 15 to the max of 25 minutes, depending on “hair type”. Straight up relaxer. Neutralizer is now re-born as “cuticle seal cream”. Rinse, blow dry, and style. According to the directions, you can “touch up your style every 3 months”. All for $12.99 on drugstore. com  (http://www.drugstore.com/suave-professionals-keratin-infusion-30-day-smoothing-kit/qxp381727) Well, dang-  I can just head over to my local beauty supply store and purchase a relaxer kit that will do the SAME thing for half the cost! But why?

So, I will continue to use Organix…I just don’t know about this stuff.